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Hot Gems Slots Game!


Miner Jack is stuck deep under the ground! He had just discovered a room full of gems when the mine collapsed. He needs a hand - help him recover the priceless gems and escape from the dangerous mine.

Hot Gems is a 5 reel, 25 payline slots game with collapsing reels, free spins and a multiplier. The game looks like a colourful (and more profitable) version of Tetris.

You'll find yourself hunting gems unseen by the eye's of man. Get your miner's backback, night goggles and a bottle of water. Miner Jack is waiting and there's a big jackpot in them hills!

Hot Gems Slots Symbols

Miner Jack is your jackpot - he's worth 5,000 coins for 5 matches. Even with only matches, you win 250 coins. The Yellow Lantern is worth 400 coins for 5 match. Match it 4 times for 200 coins.

The Miner's Pick is worth 300 coins for 5 matches and 150 coins for 4 matches. The Gem Cart is worth 200 coins for 5 matches and 100 coins for 4. The Hot Gems Scatter is worth 100 coins for 5 matches.

There are yellow, blue, red and purple gems that you can match for even more payouts. They are worth between 40 and 80 coins for 5 matches. This is how you quietly add to your payouts!

The Red Wild Symbol substitutes for all symbols except for the Hot Gems and Free Games Symbols.

A Jackpot Gem!

Collapsing Reels

As you enter the mine and find your miner friend, the roof starts to cave in! The mine is slowly collapsing - and you are your reels. Collapsing reels are a sure way to collect cash in Hot Gems.

Any win in the main game and in free spins triggers the collapsing reels feature. Once all wins are counted, any symbol that participated in a win "explodes", leaving a space.

Symbols above all empty spaces fall down and fill them. Once the reels have been refilled, you collect on any new winning combinations that may arise. Once the win is collected, it explodes.

This repeats until there are no more winning combinations on the reels. Watch those gems explode into winnings!

Exploding Gems!

15 Free Spins!

Ok, you're doing a good job. Jack has a small present for you. Every time the Free Games Symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5, you win 15 free spins.

You also get a multiplier! Your multiplier starts off at x1. Every spin that ends up with a winning combination ups the multiplier by x1.

Whenever the reels explode, your multiplier goes up by x1. You can reach a top multiplier of x5! A new spin sets the multiplier back to x1.

The Free Spins feature cannot be re-triggered. 15 free spins are a terrific way to add to your total winnings!

Free Spins and a Multiplier!

Thor Free Games

Wow, that was close. You collected a sack of colourful gems and escaped from the mine just as the reels caused the roof to collapse.

Miner Jack appreciates your help - you can keep your winnings as a small token of his appreciation.

A few more spins and you could've hit Jack's Jackpot. But there's always the next time!

Now go tell your friends about the amazing day you had with Miner Jack and his Hot Gems Slots. See you again soon!

Jack's Jackpot!

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